• Real time processing of queries
• SSL-traffic scanning
• Web-query classification by 100 + categories
• 500 million URL-addresses in the database. Address database daily updates
Built-in Load Balancing
• Dynamic distribution of web-traffic between two or more SurfSecure devices
• Support of various balancing methods used by VRRP
• Network stable performance with 10,000 and more simultaneous connections
Application Identification and Blocking
Identification and blocking of P2P, VoIP applications, receipt and transmission of audio and video steaming, on-line games
Caching Query Results
• Traffic caching
• Traffic caching algorithms configuration
• Option to ban caching resources of a certain kind
Integration With Third Party Solutions
• ICAP support of web-traffic transmission to external systems (DLP, Sandbox, etc.)
• Syslog support. Export of SurfSecure logs to external syslog servers
Access Policy Management
• Three level management mechanism: access rules configuration for an entity as a whole, for certain separate groups, individual users
• Scheduled rule configuration
• Setting up of rule execution conditions and order
Protection Against Malicious Code
• Embedded Kaspersky Lab antivirus SW
• Antivirus configuration editing: frequency of database updates, types of files to be checked, conditions for scanning files for viruses
Integration with Active Directory
• SurfSecure can be integrated with Active Directory for the purposes of user authentication and authorization
• Support of the Kerberos, Basic and NTLM authentication modes
File Download Management
• Setting up downloaded file size and type restrictions
• Option to set quotas for groups, users or global quotas
System Management
• Attendance reporting
• SW, antivirus, category base automatic/manual updating
• Backing up and restoring configuration files
• Static routing configuration